Sensuous Bedroom Feng Shui in a Box

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Product Description

If you’ve wanted to spice up your love life or send the gift of sensuousness, this seductive beauty is all you need. Inside the Sensuous Bedroom box are all the feng shui items you need to infuse your bedroom with the chi of passion and desire.  A beautiful oval box adorned with a pink boa feather, the box invites discovery and is suitable to keep as a keepsake box for love notes and objects of love. Buy to celebrate your togetherness! Sized 5.5″ x  5.5″ approx.

Inside you’ll find….

  • Pair of rose quartz heart crystals in a velvet pouch. These two hearts represent the loving bond and connection associated with romantic and sensual love. Display in the bedroom to solidify your love and inspire calm and loving balance.
  • Erotic fish. Intricately carved to represent conjugal love and symbolize the passion in your relationship. Hang in your bedroom to stir passion and desire.
  • Moon and stars wind chime. Stimulate positive energy for romantic evenings. Hang in your bedroom to represent the sweet whisperings of a couple.
  • Sequined mask. Ready for a little mystery? The mask represents seduction and erotic passion.
  • Lucky red envelope with wish paper. Write your deepest desires and wishes on this paper and keep in your wish envelope.
  • Pair of rose-scented pink candles on wooden stand. Stimulate your loving feelings when you light these candles and ignite your body and mind.
  • Scented pillow with mystic knot. Stir the ceaseless energy of passionate love with the never-ending mystic knot.
  • Faceted pink heart crystal. Hang this crystal to catch the light in your bedroom and stimulate desire and loving passion.
  • Bagua-shaped mirror. Place to increase energy or deflect negative chi.




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