Yang Friendship & Good Health Feng Shui in a Box



Product Description

Is there a special man in your life? Maybe you’d like to give someone a gift of good health. Show your friend how much you care and how much they mean to you with this box of treasures, such as a richly carved jade dragon that are designed to promote strong health, vibrant wealth and rich happiness. Suitable for male or female friends, this box is filled with feng shui items that share your thoughts of good health and friendship. Send to a friend who is ill to wish them good health or just to show your wishes for growth and harmony. The box is adorned with a lucky Chinese coin and is suitable for use as a keepsake box. Size 8″x 6″ approx.

In this attractive box, you’ll find….

  • Pair of Fu Dogs. These symbols of protection can be placed to guard your desk or doors and are known for their ability to keep harmful energies away.
  • Jade Dragon. This beautiful and richly carved dragon is a powerful symbol of energy, growth, and energy also protects health and imbues vitality. Comes with a carved stand.
  • Carved stone cicada. The cicada is a symbol of eternal youth, long life and happiness. Excellent for placement on the desk or bedside table.
  • Sandalwood incense with ceramic tray. Burn this incense to cleanse your home or space, especially after sickness and to bring about relaxation and peacefulness.
  • Faceted crystal. Hang in a window to spray rainbows in the room or place anywhere you want to attract positive chi and results.
  • Green scented pillow. Green is the color of new growth. This pillow is adorned with the mystic knot to wish your friend ceaseless good fortune and vitality.
  • 3 coin keychain. The 3 coins represent growth, health and vitality.
  • Lucky red envelope with blank paper. This wish envelope can hold your dearest thoughts and wishes.



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