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by Kathryn Weber

In 2018, The Year of the Dog brings so many wonderful new changes and opportunities. Women and men will really enjoy the Year of the Dog because there is so much GREAT ENERGY coming your way. This is a year that will be ruled by the number 9 — the number of completion and finality — as well as happiness, optimism and joy. Nice, right? You’ll see old matters come to a resolution, things that seemed open ended will now finalize and that will mean you can truly move forward in the dog year!

Like all years, though, it also has its challenges.

Career and income is one of those challenges. But, if you keep your head up for opportunities, you will do just fine. Do watch for any warning signs at work and keep your options open. This is especially true if you have a north bedroom or a front door that faces north. Rat zodiac signs will also need to be attentive to work-place changes or health worries.


Areas of Concern

Watch your words — and keep a cool head.

The 3 star in the northeast sector (thinking, decision-making, and schools/universities) can cause you to become upset and make decisions based out of anger — the kind that you often regret.

Be watchful about bullying at school or young sons becoming angry. It can also cause legal issues or problems with misunderstandings and disagreements. Read all contracts thoroughly, and when it doubt, don’t take someone’s word; always get all promises in writing.

If this is your bedroom or front door, display a golden Happy Buddha to calm things down. Bright lights and red colors will also be a help. You may also want to wear red colors, especially if this is your bedroom or if you are a tiger or ox zodiac sign.

Always think protectively.

This year, the 7 star of burglary or deception is in the east sector of health, family relationships and the oldest son. It’s critical to play it safe with your health and for potential theft, fraud or deception.  Make sure to check locks, invest in a burglar alarm and don’t go out alone at night, especially if you are a Rabbit zodiac sign or have a bedroom in the east or a front door that faces east.

Watch that you don’t engage in any risky or rough sports or take chances in your car. Be sure to carry or display an evil eye to help weaken the 7 star or add a water feature to your home. Keep this area quiet and add elements like water, sea shells and protectors such as the Elephant or Rhinoceros.

Watch health and keep up your dental appointments!

The 2 star flies to the west sector, the sector of the teeth. But most of the problems the 2 star causes are mild and annoying versus serious. Make sure you take care when lifting anything or you could aggravate an old back injury — or have a new one. Don’t eat candy or ice cream before bed, and make sure you brush and floss often!

Keep healthy lush plants in the west corner of the house or living room and add metal objects here such as a 6 rod wind chime, brass wu luo  and Happy Buddha to protect your health and wealth. Roosters should be especially careful, being sure to wear white, gray, green or brown colors.

It’s critical that you watch ailments this year if your bedroom or front door is in the north corner of the house.

Please heed this warning: have all symptoms checked out immediately if your front door or bedroom is located here. You should be especially cautious if this is your bedroom. If you can move out of this room, it would be wise.

You can help alleviate the influence of the 5 Yellow, which is known for tumors, cancer, broken bones, major financial problems and severe accident, if you have a 5 Element Pagoda and metal objects here.  If this is your front door or room other than your bedroom, add lush healthy plants to protect your health. In the bedroom, sleep on green sheets.

The 3 Killings is also visiting the north sector at the same time as the 5 Yellow. That makes protectors like a pair of chi lins, Kwan Kung, or foo dogs especially helpful. Watch any ailments with the ears, nose, or kidneys. If you have any worries, have your doctor check you out. This is especially true if you are a Rat zodiac sign or if your bedroom or front door is located in the north corner.

The north corner is the sector of the career, business and your salary and income. It’s very important that you watch decisions at work. The 3 Killings is an affliction that should be faced. Make sure you don’t have your back turned to the north, from 315 to 45 degrees. If you can’t move your desk or bed, have some protectors like those mentioned above facing the north direction. It’s vital that you keep up your reputation while at work. The 3 Killings can cause problems with your reputation or loss of a job through a misunderstanding, politicking and slander.

Keep this area quiet, avoid doing renovations or digging in this portion of the garden or home. Avoid red colors and candles. If you have a stove in this corner, add an urn of water or a water fountain nearby.


Areas of Growth, Money, Prestige

6 Windfall star brings wealth and prestige this year for women.

There is good business potential in the southwest corner of relationships and women. Women will zoom ahead in the year by thinking strategically in business or by working more online, using technology more, or working internationally. The windfall 6 star of surprise money, good fortune, power and prestige will bring many benefits to women this year.

Powerful men will come to your aid, and you should consider working more with men if you are a female entrepreneur. The word to focus on for gaining income and financial opportunities? Partnership. Make sure you activate the southwest sector of women with a dragon tortoise , crystals and objects in groups of six. Women should wear pearls, bling and plenty of jewelry this year! A wealth bowl is especially nice in the southwest corner to entice nice money surprises to fall in your lap. 🙂

1 Victory star moves to the northwest sector of men and helpful people.

If your house faces northwest or your bedroom is located here, you’ll love all the opportunity coming your way. You’ll also experience a chance to leapfrog past your competitors if you’re in sales or applying for a job. Watch for new ways to make money and new business opportunities to fall at your feet. You’ll love how effortlessly things seem to click into place for you.

Add lots of metal objects like golden items, wealth ingots, a wealth bowl and objects such as seashells and brass bells. This will help to stimulate more money and income in 2018 — especially if the man is the breadwinner of the house.

Love is red hot in 2018!

The love star has moved to the south and that means the south corner of your house holds the greatest potential for love energy. Make sure you boost this area with crystals, red objects and fresh flowers. It’s also the area associated with education, so having a globe located here will help you with exams, writing and moving ahead in education.

Single? You can hook up and take your pick of suitors by adding a figure of a horse in the south corner of the living room this year, or the south corner of your bedroom. Horse zodiac signs will be in high demand if they’re single — or they’ll be hot to trot. Be sure to display a horse figure and carry a horse amulet with you at all times to boost your love potential.

This area is also a wonderful area for students and writers to spend time. Students will learn more and better by studying here and writers can sell ice to the North pole if they write in this corner of the house. If this is your bedroom or front door, you may find that your engine is revved up for romance. This is a big help to couples to re-ignite their passion.

8 Prosperity star moves to the southeast. This is the year to build assets!

The prosperity star moves to the southeast sector of assets, savings and investments. How nice is that? Any kind of financial planning, investing and saving will be rewarded. If you don’t have an investment account, get one started.

This will see a rise in financial fortunes for those with a home office or bedroom in the southeast. You’ll also benefit if your door faces southeast or if your living room is situated in this corner! Activate with lights, crystals and water features.

Spend plenty of time here to boost your prosperity and see your fortunes rise.

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This means snake and dragon zodiac signs have lots of money coming their way! But for dragons, it’s very important that they carry a pi yao amulet to hang on to their money. Dragons are the sign opposite the dog, so they are the opposing sign and that can create problems without a pi yao to help smooth the way for you.

Trying to get pregnant?

This is the year the pregnancy star is in the center sector so you have some cosmic help there — especially if you’ve been trying to get pregnant for a while. Spend lots of time here and add fresh flowers to boost your chances of becoming pregnant.


Below is the annual afflictions and energies chart to help you track where all the energies are for the Year of the Dog


2018 Annual Energies Chart



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