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By Kathryn Weber

When times are difficult, it’s easy to withdraw and slow down. Over time, the lack of vitality in our own personal energy can often be seen reflected in our homes. The lights are off more often, and the house is more still and quiet.

Once stagnation sets in around your home, you may also experience a rise in aches and pains and you may feel less energetic, and maybe even depressed.

Low home vitality can express itself in your personal energy, creating fatigue and lethargy. Over time, it can make you vulnerable to other afflictions and problems that range from rashes, allergies, and infections.

It’s important that we build the kind of energy around us that lifts us up and keeps us energized and optimistic. Optimism is a healthy outlook that comes from an energized person and home.

If you find that your energy is low and little health complaints numerous, it might be a good idea to employ sound therapy in your home.

What is sound therapy?

A house that is still and quiet is the type of home that creates yin energy – and over time that kind of energy can depress the person with even the brightest and happiest outlook. To lift the energy of your home, try incorporating the clear, pure sounds of a singing bowl or brass bell. The sound of a bell or singing bowl emits a tonal frequency that cuts through yin energy and dispels it from your home.

Begin by ringing a bell in the center of the room or house and then move from the door in a clockwise fashion making sure to ring the bell in dark corners and stagnant areas. These areas collect yin energy and become a vacuum, drawing more yin energy to them. When a bell or singing bowl is used, the sound penetrates through the yin energy and creates a clearing effect. Do this three times in each room to fully penetrate the area with cleansing sound chi.

Singing bowls

The traditional singing bowl that originated in Tibet is made of seven types of metals to represent the seven major planets. Using one of these will not only clear the room, but will also clear your personal energy as well.

You’ll notice that when the bowl is struck and the mallet run around the outside edge of the bowl, the sounds it emits begin to vibrate out in waves. The resonating sound waves will be felt by anyone using a singing bowl and will pass through you, cutting through any negative or dark energy.

Singing bowls bring the strength and power of the planets to lift your energy and break up old energies. Use these when there’s illness, arguments and low energy in your home or office. When used regularly, you’ll notice your personal energy brighten.

Keep your home and spirit energized

If you want to permanently lift your energy and the energy around your home, be sure to use sound therapy daily. Install a water fountain, play music, or hang a windchime near a window to keep your home filled with active, natural sounds.

Even a radio or TV playing will keep a home energized with the sounds of life and activity – a key to keeping your home’s chi vibrant and the chi energized and refreshed.

This is especially true if your home is not occupied during the day.

A home that is lifeless and still can become too quiet and too yin. Incorporating natural sounds will help lift your home’s energy and your personal chi, too.

So go make a happy noise now and see if you don’t feel better right away!

Originally posted on http://redlotusletter.com