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By Kathryn Weber

The west corner is the feng shui corner that is most related to children. However, it’s also about family. The west corner is situated where children are typically placed – between parents.

As the corner that sits between the mother (southwest) and the father (northwest), this corner is watched over by parental care and protection.

The corner is also associated with the celestial creature called the White Tiger.

This creature is the protective yet ferocious side of feng shui, much like the renowned ferocious mothers in the animal kingdom, such as bears, tigers or lions, who by their protective ferocity can fend off attacks from larger males to protect their young.

The west is the location that marks the strong setting sun, daughters, and represents the protection of your possessions, children, and all you have worked to achieve.

The west direction is related to metal, and in addition to children, it is thought to be the corner most associated with creation and creativity.

You can activate the west corner to improve and protect your family’s happiness and good fortune, develop new artistic projects, or pursue having children or adding to your family.

This corner is best enhanced with metal elements, such as computers and wind chimes or bells. To promote this sector, adding earth elements like crystals and vases will help protect children and guard against injury and promote the family’s well-being. It’s interesting to note that it is the mother energy that supports and produces both the children (west) and the father (northwest) energy in a household.

Here are more important tips and details about the west corner that could help you create or increase your family, protect all you and your family have attained, or help you lift creative projects off the ground.

Winter is the time of year that relates to the west.

It is from the winter that spring is born, and it is from the parents that children are born. This inward and yin time of year mirrors the emptiness of the vase, of going inward, in order to spring forth again.

The white tiger protects all you have attained.

Everyone and every home need protecting. When the white tiger is activated, there is a slight slope on the right side of the house (as you face the street), which should be lower than the left, or dragon, side. The dragon side is the side of creation and manifesting growth and prosperity. The white tiger side protects against those who would want to take what you have, have negative intent, or who would harm you.

Add earth in the west for wealth creation and good fortune.

Because the west is a metal location, the earth that creates it helps to promote the wealth protection of the west house. Beautiful chandeliers, vases, and crystal objects create excellent wealth and relationship energy while helping to curb behavior of mischievous children so that they are respectful of their parents and family.

Activate this corner for pregnancy and for adding to your family.

The west corner is the corner for descendant’s luck. Activate fertility energy here with images of children and fruits such as pomegranates. Tinkling wind chimes are an excellent activator for pregnancy. Vases are another beneficial addition for this corner if you’re trying to conceive as vases symbolize the womb.

Watch excessive sunlight.

While plentiful sunshine is a wonderful addition to any home, when you have a west-facing house, the energy at the front of the house may be too intense due to the sun’s excess heat and light. This can create anxiety, anger and tension in the household if it’s not controlled with drapes, shades or shutters. Give all that sunlight an outlet by hanging a faceted crystal in the west windows to disperse the light into rainbows of color and light.

The west is symbolized by the small metal element and gray and white colors.

This corner benefits by the addition of metal elements and metal colors, such as white and gray. This corner is also helped by earth colors of tan, beige, terracotta and ochre or yellow. If your home faces west, earth colors like tan and beige will help to control some of the sun’s intensity.

The west corner relates to the number 7, the mouth, and lungs.

The number 7 is the number related to the west corner and of small metal, like knives and scissors. If your family is having problems with respiratory problems or dental worries, check the west sector for problems such as blue colors or water elements. If you have a bathroom located here, be sure to add earth and metal elements in the west corner of your home and reduce any water images or colors in this corner of your home.

West sector warnings.

Watch that this sector does not have fire elements as this can cause problems in the family, loss of children by estrangement, for example, and difficulties with the youngest daughter. It can also impact the ability to have children if this corner is afflicted with a kitchen, fireplace or bathroom. For those who do have children, west corner afflictions can see them have difficulties or teenagers who are argumentative or difficult.

Add metal and earth elements to promote creativity.

The earth is the mother element, and it produces the metal element, making it excellent to bring forth creative energy. Crystals, images of mountains, globes and maps are all excellent activators for the west sector, and in particular for anyone who makes a living by speaking such as actors, news reporters, speakers, podcasters, and politicians. This is also a wonderful area to display your children’s art, paint, sculpt or work on any artistic endeavors.


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