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EPISODE 51: 7 Reasons Your Feng Shui Might Not Be Working

Feng shui involves direction, color, number, elements, and time and space. So, to say it is simply a matter of placing a frog or a turtle figurine here or there and then waiting for a problem to disappear oversimplifies feng shui to the point of rendering it useless. It’s important that feng shui is looked at as a whole – including addressing annual afflictions, afflictions in the space, such as toilets, colors, elements, etc., and yes, personal feng shui, too. If your feng shui is not working the way you had hoped, the reasons could be simple. Whatever the case, use the pointers in this podcast are here to help you diagnose why your feng shui isn’t working the way it should — and what to do about it.







Originally posted on http://redlotusletter.com