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by Kathryn Weber

There is an energy of attraction, and it can be positive or negative. When it melds with positive or negative energy flows of feng shui, it can create a combustion of the best kind – news of a promotion, a raise, recognition or a job. When combined with difficult energy, it can contribute to problems such as job loss, relationship, money or health problems.

One way we magnify the shifting feng shui energies is with our internal energy.

We do that in two ways: by fear and by focus. Focused attention helps us reach goals and visualize what we want to occur. Fear is another story.

Whether it’s worry or panic, both are fear-based and their energy is just as magnetic.  Worse, it’s magnetic to the things we don’t want to happen.

When you find yourself full of worry, it’s easy to stress about it and give into that worry. We can often visualize worst-case scenarios and fill our minds with unpleasant scenarios and images. The more we give in to the worry, the stronger the energy we are giving to the thing we don’t want.

Here are some feng shui tips to help you manage worry and fear and shift your energy toward positive action.

Remove all blocks near the front door.

Worry can often be a symbol of a blockage. Look first to your front door area. If this is cluttered or cramped, you’ll want to remove the block. Look carefully at your front door toward the street. Is your porch full of plants and benches so that the entry is cramped? Inside, is the foyer light, bright and open? What about the walkway to your front door?

One woman I know had a walkway lined with old, dead potted plants, chairs that were too big for the small porch, and even had old hand weights at the front where weeds and grass had grown around them. She was forever worried about money and her husband was always out of work. Life never got better for her and over time grew worse. Ensure that your front entry is neat and open to lift your energy and the energy that enters your home.

Every time you walk into your front door and see something dead, broken, or in disrepair, it weighs on your mind. This compounds your worry and fear energy. Keep the entry clean, clear and inviting helps to give you a better outlook.

Control fear by checking for water leaks.

Water is the element of fear. If you have worries, give yourself peace of mind by checking all the plumbing for leaks. If your toilet runs, make sure it is sealed properly and doesn’t run. Dripping water is a type of torture the same way worry is. Tighten your seals against it.

Monitor dark colors.

Whether you have dark colors in your home or wear dark colors, these are the colors of fear and worry. Lighten up your wardrobe to help lighten your mind. Open windows and remove heavy drapes and dark colors with lighter versions. Have a big blue sofa? Lighten it up with a linen-colored slipcover. Giving your home more light and color helps to break up your mind from the dark cobwebs of worry.

Tackle hidden junk.

Fear and worry are like spiders that like those dark corners we don’t see easily. If your mind is a spinning wheel of fear and worry, tackle those drawers, cabinets, and closets where you have stuff piled up, hidden from view. Besides, cleaning up and clearing energy for new things and opportunities to come to you, it also symbolically rids those dark corners of your mind as well.

Unstick cramped energy.

If you have furniture that is too big for the room or there is not enough room to move around, that cramped energy works on your mind by filling it with worry. A home that’s cramped can cause pressure in the mind. Relieve that pressure by giving your home more space for energy to move freely. Removing the oppressiveness in your home helps to relieve the oppressiveness of your mind.

Create a view.

Too often we are filled with worry because we can’t see out from the vision in our head. If your home has your views blocked or windows are grown over with plants, the effect is to keep your mind shuttered, too. Try to create a view in your home that lets you see past your four walls. This is a wonderful way to shift your perspective and “see” new ways to handle problems that you might not have thought of.

Write out your fears, and then burn them.

Sometimes by simply writing out our worries, we can help see them more objectively. Write out your fears and worries and then burn them outdoors and allow your worries to be lifted as the paper burns.

Write out what you would like to happen.

Use the “Grant Your Wish” technique and put your wishes into a red folder, topped by two bamboo flutes wrapped in green and black ribbon. Place this to the right side of your door as you look at the door from the inside. This focused attention and activation with the red folder can manifest good things that you do want.


Originally posted on http://redlotusletter.com