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by Kathryn Weber

Every year is a new set of energies with new possibilities. This is especially true here at the start of the Year of the Rat. In 2020, the year represents a 12 year cycle – one that is beginning this year and one that concluded last year with the Year of the Pig.

In 2020, The Year of the Rat brings so many wonderful new changes and opportunities. Women and men will really enjoy the Year of the Rat because there is so much GREAT ENERGY coming to both, and both were challenged in the Year of the Pig. The fresh breeze blowing through the window for both the northwest and southwest sectors will help lift the troubling energy away from the center sector.

That’s because, like all years, the Year of the Rat also has its challenges.

But one of the important things I like to stress about all energies is that they are all based on a duality – a positive and a negative. That means that even “good” stars, or energies, have a negative side, and that those that are negative also have a positive side to them. Read on for more details about the year and what you can expect, and how to use the challenging energies to your advantage.



Look at what you can release to create the life you desire, but exercise caution.

Let me explain what that means. In 2020, the 7 star moves to the center sector. That means it’s the reigning star of the year. But, the 7 star is not highly regarded because of it’s cutting quality. There’s a potential for families to squabble and for words to be harsh and cutting. A red and gold Happy Buddha in the center of your help can help smooth things out.

Just think about the US Presidential election and how vicious some of the attacks are. Let the verbal vitriol stay with the politicians and practice understanding, temper management, and develop a thicker hide.

The 7 star is a star of regret.

There can be times when your emotions or words get the better of you. Watch that you don’t have regrets for something you say because this is the year when it can happen. There’s also a potential for injury and violence. The 7 star rules everything from dog bites to electrical shock and accidents. Don’t’ take chances this year and practice safety first.

Here’s where you can use the 7 star energy. Have you needed to have some minor surgery done? This is a great way to use the energy this year. What about creating a new way for yourself, whether through moving past addiction, leaving a difficult relationship or even habits you want to quit, like biting your nails. Whatever you want to remove from your life will be easier because of the 7star.

The one worry is the potential for self-harm, such as cutting, or worse, suicide. If you have friends or family you are concerned about, keep close tabs on them as this year the 7 star can worsen these aspects.

On a safety front, watch promises (the 7 rules the mouth) and get everything in writing. Take care with safety and security, too, as this is the theft star.  

The best use of the 7 star? Pruning for growth. Just like you would a rose bush or a tree, look at how you can remove obstacles, problems or difficulties that stand in the way of your personal growth or happiness. This is the best use of this star – like pruning shears for your life. Often, when you prune trees and bushes they grow back bigger, healthier and bloom or produce more fruit.

That’s the lesson of the 7 star this year: your growth.

3 star causes anger at work, over money

The 3 star in the north sector (career, business, income) can cause you to become upset and make decisions based out of anger, another element that can cause regret. Watch that you don’t quit a job in haste or argue with co-workers. This is one of those situations that can cause you lose your cool at work.

Watch arguments about money, too.

This is the income area, so there could be disputes about your job, your income, or promises made to you on the job that aren’t kept. Be sure to be diligent at work, pleasant, avoid any gossip, and stay cool under fire.

It can also cause legal issues or problems with misunderstandings and disagreements. Read all contracts thoroughly, and when in doubt, don’t take someone’s word; always get all promises in writing. Rat zodiac signs will truly need to heed this advice in 2020.

9 star moves to the south — watch heart and eye health

This year the 2 Black Illness star moves to the sector of the heart and eyes. Fortunately, most of the problems the 2 star are not very serious, but this year they could be. That’s because the 2 star is in a fire location, and fire produces the 2 star and makes it even stronger, taking it from a small lizard to something the size of Godzilla.

This year it’s important that you monitor your eye and heart health, especially if you have a south-facing home or a bedroom in the south corner. The energies will be magnified for you. The same is true for the horse zodiac sign and 9 kua number.

The south is also the sector that rules social relationships, so watch that you don’t become annoyed by friends. Try to be understanding and let small annoyances go.

As if the 2 star isn’t enough, the south also has to deal with another type of difficulty – the 3 Killings energy. The 3 Killings is an affliction that should be faced.

Make sure you don’t have your back turned to the south, as this can cause you a variety of problems. If you can’t move your desk or bed, have some protectors like a pair of chi lins, Kwan Kung, or foo dogs. The 3 Killings can cause problems with your reputation or loss of a job through a misunderstanding, politicking and slander, so do be sure and face the south this year at work.

Family relationships, son need watching

The 5 Yellow calamity star moves to the east this year, and that impacts family relationships and the oldest son. It’s not a good idea to undertake risky endeavors this year especially if your bedroom or front door is located in the east. You will want to closely monitor your health if so.

The benefit is that the 5 Yellow is in a weakened state, but don’t dismiss its ability to do harm. Watch your feet as the 5 Yellow has the ability to take you off them through illness or injury.

Do watch family relationships. Work to keep them happy and harmonious as the 5 Yellow can sometimes introduce bickering or a falling out.

You can help alleviate the influence of the 5 Yellow, which is known for tumors, cancer, broken bones, major financial problems and severe accidents, if you have a 5 Element Pagoda and metal objects here.  If this is your front door or room other than your bedroom, add lush healthy plants to protect your health. In the bedroom, sleep on green or white sheets.


6 Blessings and windfall star visits the Wealth Sector

There is good business potential in the southeast corner of wealth. You can make impressive gains if you tap this energy of the 6 Blessings star by adding elements that promote the 6 star, such as earth and metal. The 6 star is always a welcome guest and brings with it surprise money, good fortune, power and prestige will bring many benefits to women this year, in particular. The homes with southeast front doors and bedroom or living rooms especially benefit!

1 Victory star moves to the northeast sector of education, wisdom, and writing

If your house faces northeast or your bedroom is located here, you’ll love all the opportunities coming your way. You’ll also experience a chance to leapfrog past your competitors if you’re in sales or applying for a job. You’ll love how effortlessly things seem to click into place for you.

Plus, there could be great news about money tied with education, such as scholarships, awards or internships.

Watch for new ways to make money and new business opportunities to come, especially those from education, finishing a degree, getting a certificate or even teaching a class – maybe writing a book? Authors and writers will doubly benefit from working in the northeast corner of your home or living room.

Add lots of metal objects like golden items, wealth ingots, a wealth bowl and objects such as a conch shell or a brass bell. This will help to stimulate more money and income in 2019 — especially through educational and writing pursuits.

Love is sweet, tender…and sexy in 2020

The love star has moved to the southwest sector of romance, making the southwest corner of your house doubly infused with sweet love energy. Make sure you boost this area with crystals, red objects and fresh flowers. It’s also the energy associated with education and writing, making this the perfect spot to study or write for students and writers.

Adding any kind of objects here for love, education, writing, and even travel will help you add romance, eloquence, intelligence and travel on your radar – and even more so if this is your bedroom or front door. Add an image of a globe located to help you with exams, writing and moving ahead in education and travel.

Single? You can hook up and take your pick of admirers by adding a pair of Mandarin ducks in the southwest corner of the living room this year, or the southwest corner of your bedroom. Sheep and Monkey zodiac signs will be in high demand if they’re single — or they’ll be hot to trot or full of love and sweet feelings for their honey.

This area is also a wonderful area for students and writers to spend time. Students will learn more and better by studying here and writers can magnetize others with their words this year if they write in this corner of the house or if this is their front door or bedroom. If this is your bedroom or front door, you may find that your engine is revved up for romance. This is a big help to couples to re-ignite their passion.

8 Prosperity star moves to the northwest

The prosperity star moves to the northwest corner of helpful people. Any kind of financial planning, investing and saving will be rewarded especially if this is your bedroom or front door. If you don’t have an investment account, get one started or hire a financial planner. This is the year when this relationship can be especially beneficial. Men will find money and opportunity meet up with them or that money and opportunity come from men, international business, Internet or web-based businesses and investments in metal.

Activate with lights, crystals and water features. Spend plenty of time here to boost your prosperity and see your fortunes rise.

Zodiac Signs

This year offers some wonderful relief to signs such as the Ox and Tiger, Dragon and Snake and Sheep and Monkey. In fact, most signs have some wonderful benefits coming to them. The most challenged signs in the year ahead will be Rabbits, Rats, Horses and Roosters.

Look to your Kua Number for Success

If your zodiac sign is challenged, then check to see your kua number energies for the year. In 2020, the luckiest kua numbers are Kua 4 with the blessings and windfall star, the Kua 2 and 5 Kua Men have the romance star shining on them, Kua 6 is blessed with prosperity and opportunity, and Kua 8 and 5 Women can expect income, advancement and transformation. Kua 7 has the opportunity to make money for the future, and more social advancement.

Kua numbers with difficulties include Kua 3, watch for health, wealth and relationship difficulties, take extra care this year and watch for any signs of trouble to nip it in the bud, Kua 9 need to also monitor health and finances and avoid any risk-taking, and Kua 1 should be watchful of temper and legal troubles or misunderstandings.

Can you have difficult energies and still come out ahead this year?

The good news is yes. If you handle the energies and follow the recommendations for managing both difficult and beneficial energies, you’ll be way ahead of the game. This is why feng shui works so well – it shows you exactly where to act in your life and when. It’s like an annual roadmap to success, you just need to follow the map.


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