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The Feng Shui Money Map — Learn How to Move Energy & Make Money (Ebook)

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The Feng Shui Money Map Feng Shui Wealth Ebook will show you how to

–Stimulate STREAMS of income

–How to ACCUMULATE money

–Ways to create Wealth for the FUTURE

Generate Money for your WANTS not just your needs

You can have the FREEDOM to choose where you live, what you buy, how you work

ABILITY to PLAN AND CREATE your own life path


168 pages

This is a digital product.


Are you interested in making more money and having more financial control in your life?  Maybe you’re someone who…


* Is sick and tired of barely making it, tired of cringing when you go to get the mailbox, wondering if it’s just full of bills

* Wondering whether you’ll ever “arrive” financially

* Ready to stop having to weigh every single financial decision you make — from whether to just make the minimums on your credit card or if you can afford to buy that

cute pair of shoes

* Is ready to feel like you have true wealth — like a savings account, retirement funds, career opportunities

*Overwhelmed and tired of the financial rut you’re in

*Wants someone who can show you how to gain financial traction in your life, so you can get ahead once and for all


Then, feng shui can help you.  You see money is merely energy and there is energy in your home.  That’s the foundation of feng shui:  How energy can be tapped to help you manifest wealth and abundance.


Because if you can move energy, you can make money.


I know this because I have unlocked the prosperity in every house I’ve lived in by moving the energy in my home.  It wasn’t always this way though.

When my husband and I got married, we bought a run-down house that reeked of urine.  That nasty, stinky house and was so disgusting that I had to hold my breath when we first bought it.  Two years later, my husband had a new high-paying job and we made over $40,000 on that house.

Next came another house that netted us $80,000 and enabled us to move across the country to high-paying jobs.  I went from earning next to nothing as a freelance writer (and there was a lot of FREE in freelance) to an $85,000 a year job for me and my husband tripled his salary. 

Was it just our jobs?  Was it moving across the country?  By then, I had learned a lot about feng shui and I put it to work in every house.  It enabled us to move into ever-bigger, nicer houses and sock more money away.

Sure, lots of people make money. The problem they have is hanging on to it.


The goal of the Money Map is to help you make more money and KEEP more of your hard-earned money



That’s where you find financial security. That’s the wealth part of the financial equation.

We went from a pee-smelling house that sunk us into massive credit card debt, and after we implemented feng shui, we sold the house for a tidy profit and bought a new home in an upscale neighborhood (just down the street from the actor Tommy Lee Jones).

How do we manage to keep doing better all the time?  

We have compounding feng shui — it’s one of the secrets I’ll share with you. Feng shui is like money.  And when money grows it’s called compounding.  When you work at your feng shui it also compounds — and that ALSO pays in dollars!

Why do I want to share my feng shui success and wealth secrets with you? 

Because I want you to know that every home possesses wealth — you just need to know how to activate it.

The roots of feng shui are the environment and the home….this is where your wealth is! 

You see, I’m annoyed after doing my own research and studying for years that only reveal little snippets of what you need to do but don’t show you the WHOLE PICTURE — just pieces of it.  Like what symbol in your hand can make you money — and WHICH hand it needs to be in.

It’s because they don’t have the whole feng shui picture of wealth.  In other words, a SYSTEM for activating and unlocking the wealth in your home.

And most importantly, a system that’s designed for a home like YOURS.

YOUR HOME IS DIFFERENT — you need to know what feng shui changes you need for YOUR HOME.


Here’s what you need when you want to unlock the wealth in your home:




And this is EXACTLY what I’ll be revealing in the FENG SHUI MONEY MAP.


My step-by-step program—”The Feng Shui Money Map:  how to locate and activate the prosperity in your home & manifest more wealth” will help you to create the kind of wealth that has escaped you — yet was surrounding you the whole time 


I know how hard it is to work so hard and struggle with money and create the kind of financial freedom that gives you peace of mind.

Feng shui showed me a way out of the financial hole my husband and I were in — and it was literally in our own home! We kept trying to “think” the right financial thoughts.  It wasn’t until we began employing feng shui earnestly that we began getting financial traction in our life.


“Rules such as ‘if I hold positive thoughts about prosperity, money will just start pouring into my life’ are just too simplistic to work…money exists in the physical domain.  Money doesn’t come as the result of thoughts in the metaphysical realm; it comes as the result of actions in the physical domain.”
   -Maria Nemeth, Ph.D., The Energy of Money
It’s SO true!

And your home is truly your physical domain.   The Chinese have known this for thousands of years.

We have a wealth of prosperity and abundance and it’s in our homes. What we need is the MAP to help us find it so that we can experience all the wealth — and the benefits of that come with it.  Chances are, you’ve been suffering and frustrated by a lack of wealth.

When I was first married and struggling, I became sick and tired of struggling and decided enough was enough.  And I know you understand how I felt. (I bet you feel this way now as you read this!)  I don’t want you to struggle and agonize over money. I want to help you to attain true wealth.

The Feng Shui Money Map will show you how to

–Stimulate STREAMS of income

–How to ACCUMULATE money

–Ways to create Wealth for the FUTURE

Generate Money for your WANTS not just your needs

You can have the FREEDOM to choose where you live, what you buy, how you work

ABILITY to PLAN AND CREATE your own life path


NOW you can find the wealth in your home 

through the RED LOTUS MONEY MAP   


You’ll receive my full attention to wealth in this program and I’ll share the **SECRETS** I’ve learned and put to use in my homes that have helped me to

— Create and accumulate wealth for the future

— Allow me and my family to live in financial comfort

— Travel and ENJOY life’s PLEASURES not just the daily REQUIREMENTS

I’ve put all my years of experience into this easy, fun, proven wealth-manifesting program to help you FIND and ACTIVATE the money in your home.  


Through my six years of writing the Red Lotus Letter feng shui ezine, I’ve helped thousands of people how to uncover the KEYS to wealth through feng shui.  Now I’ve created the Feng Shui Money Map that will show you how to use the KEY to UNLOCK the prosperity that’s waiting right now in your own home.

This program is a one-of-a-kind program that is both fun and simple. Follow the steps that are outlined and you will be on your way to prosperity.

Here’s just some of the feng shui money secrets you’ll discover in the Feng Shui Money Map:

1.  What your house is best for – money or  money through others — or BOTH!

2.  Where the money energies fly from year to year and month to month

3.  How you can “money match” your house to get out what you put in

4.  Secret wealth enhancers that I’ve never shared in my ezines or other programs

5.  Feng shui magic with money-enhancing qualities to draw wealth to your home & wallet

6.  What side of your home is the money side and which side is the people side

7. The magic of house numbers

8.  How seemingly simple changes can UNSTICK the money energy in your home

9.  Why you need to clean and renovate your home

10. Where the bad luck star for money hides to sabotage your success

11. How to find the financial “leaks” in your home

12. Symbols that can improve the wealth manifesting ability in your home

13. Decorating enhancers that stimulate income

14. Designs that can make money flow to your home

15. How to answer the skeptics about feng shui

16. Ways you can protect your wealth

17. How you are your house and your house is you — and how to make money for both!

…and many, many wealth and prosperity tips and ideas, worksheets and self-discovery tools to help you understand you and your relationship with your home and with money.

 What would you do with more money?

Travel?  Visit spas and treat yourself to frequent massages?  Get rid of those chores you hate to do like housekeeping or yard work?  Maybe you’d treat your friends and family to some special items and gifts you’ve always wanted to buy them.


“Money frees you from doing things you dislike. 
Since I dislike doing nearly everything, money is handy.”     Groucho Marx


The Feng Shui Money Map shows you the MAP TO WEALTH that’s literally surrounding you in your home!

Just one idea from the Money Map can help you unlock the prosperity you’ve been wanting so you can move your life forward — and for considerably less than what you would pay for a feng shui consultation, you’ll have an in depth guide to manifesting wealth from your home that you can refer to over and over and over. 

You’ll develop deeper wealth awareness.  Imagine what this knowledge would be worth to you and those you love.

 The Money Map program is designed to be easy, fun, and stimulating. 🙂  You’ll be able to begin implementing changes to you home — and yourself — immediately!

When I work with clients, I charge them thousands of dollars to spend a day with them at their homes so they can access my insights and years of feng shui study and application.

With this one-of-a-kind program, you can have my wealth-enhancing for a fraction of the cost so you can begin to uncover the riches in your home.


What if life isn’t hard and money is good? 

Well, it can always be better, right?  Yes, you can have MORE even if you already have it good.  Or, if you’re stuck in a financial rut, wouldn’t it be wonderful to get out of that grave?  No matter where you are in regard to money, my Money Map program well help you go from good to great and from good to better.. and then to EVEN BETTER STILL.

I want you to succeed and experience true wealth.  Why?  Because I believe in abundance.  There is enough for us all.  And no, you don’t have to WORK haaarrrrdddd to get there.  Forget those old tapes and money-limiting ideas.


Money can’t buy happiness, but neither can poverty. Leo Rosten 


 The Money Map is an in-depth  workbook that answers some of the most frequent feng shui wealth questions, including details about water and it’s relationship to your wealth, and gives you easy to implement ideas to begin manifesting wealth in your home right away.

 You’ll also find terrific feng shui enhancers — including some real feng shui magic — as well as forms and checklists that will help you locate and activate the wealth spots in your home.  You will love my worksheets and forms that help you put your feng shui into action RIGHT AWAY.

Just think:  We’ve always heard about secret treasure maps.  Now just imagine that the map leads you to the treasure in your own home.  How would having more money and a growing bank account impact your life?  What would that do to your day to day living, your thoughts, your hopes?


 Your home holds the wealth you have been looking for and for so long — and you were living surrounded by it all this time. 

So often the gold we seek is just below our feet. 

The Money Map will give you the feng shui tools you need to access the wealth in your home and your life


   168 Pages.

This is a Digital Product.