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JUST MARRIED – The Single Girls Guide to Activating Your Home & Attracting Your Forever Man with Feng Shui e-Book

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When you’re ready to kick your love life into high gear and tie the knot and, this Special 138 page e- book explains the exact steps for creating the kind of home that makes any single woman magnetic to men and helps you find your Forever Man.

In this special report, you’ll learn…

  • The 3 Power Love zones and love trinity locations in your home
  • The exact kind of bed that tells a man you’re a sexy lady – and that all women love!
  • 8 unique love rituals to attract a man with the exact qualities you’re looking for in a mate
  • Simple ready to go techniques for getting your house and life romantically UNSTUCK
  • 20+ symbols that fill your home and life with love and happiness
  • Your personal love directions, colors and numbers unique to you

Want to find your home’s love zone in a snap? As part of your ebook purchase, you’ll get a BONUS download that when printed out on a transparency helps you identify your home’s “man” and “love” sectors at a glance.